aka PiNCHi MiCHi 


Michelle Taylor was born in East Los Angeles CA. on March 1980. Grew up in East L.A. and South Central L.A. She attended El Camino College and University of Cal State Long Beac. Studied abroad In Dublin Ireland in 2000. Her academic interest was in Fine Arts and Anthropology. Michelle showed interest in Art at the young age of 5 yrs old and has always used Art as therapy and as creative expression. She has exhibited her artworks through-out California since 1998 and is eager to continue to showcase her Artworks both Nationally & International. Her Art focuses on her Latino Culture and loves to paint with bold colors, folk lore and enjoys representing her passion for Music, People, Mystery and Folk Art through her Art.

Michelle Taylor, better known to her artistic peers as Pinchi Michi is a creative artist who makes her home in San Pedro, California by way of East and South Central Los Angeles.  For Michi Art has always been more than a colorful distraction or casual personal interest, instead it has continually functioned as a life line and refuge through and since the many wounds and struggles of growing up. Some of her earliest recollections are, of touring the rowdy bars of downtown L.A. with her stepfather who sought side-work painting murals and paintings on the walls of local bars and clubs.  She learned early on that art was meant to reach directly to the people, and that any environment was made fuller and brighter for it. 

Today Pinchi Michi's Art is a thoughtful reflection surrounding this universal theme of a liberating magic through the suffering. The subjects, textures, colors and postures of  Pinchi Michi's Art are all related to this penetrating vision, this knowing beyond her years and beyond the purely natural. 

Michelle Taylor is two people at once just as she is the surviving twin, art exists in two realms at once. Whether it is joy and sadness, past and present, modern and traditional or simply subtle and experimental, Michi is on a journey of continual discovery. Her process often finds her surprised by the very creation of her own immersion. Her goal is to take the viewer along for this ride of exploring the unknown, and realizing new connections and possibilities to experience and integrate. Ultimately Michi hopes to heal and connect through her work. She paints more with her compassionate heart than with her eyes or hands, and you will know her art by the way it directly reaches and moves  yours.

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